Your Lincoln County Health Department is responsible for a myriad of environmental issues that have an impact on your health and well-being. Among those issues are safe food and drink, public and private water sanitation, and proper sewage disposal. Look below for various permit and application forms and fee schedules for those interested in opening, among others, food establishments, day-care centers, campgrounds, and tattoo studios. See, also, application forms for those wishing to install or modify sewage disposal systems and water wells. If you do not see the application form you need or if you have questions, call our Sanitarian, Joel McKinney at 304-824-3330.



Our Sanitarian also responds to complaints such as animal bites, befouled sewage systems, lead levels, and indoor air pollution. He also conducts routine inspections of facilities serving the public such as swimming pools, camps, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, delis, mobile home parks, and school cafeterias.


The discharge of liquid waste (sewage) is a public health risk and must be carefully controlled. In Lincoln County, mostly rural, most people depend on private disposal systems which, by regulation, discharge waste into soil. Careful consideration must be given to proper methods of discharge to be effective and to ensure that the sewage does not contaminate underground or surface water.


Things to think about:


• Individual dwellings need to have their own septic systems installed by a licensed installer and permitted by the Lincoln County Health Department.


• Planning wisely your septic system before purchasing property on which your dwelling will be placed.


• Septic systems failures are often caused by grease and overuse of detergents.


In addition to keeping a close eye on sewage systems, the Lincoln County Health Department is charged with the responsibility of verifying and certifying that water we consume in the county is safe.


Public water systems in West Virginia, including Lincoln County, are regulated by the state. Private or individual sources of water in Lincoln County should be tested by your health department. Call to set up a test at 304-824-3330.


Uppermost among our environmental services is the assurance that safe, uncontaminated food will be delivered directly to you or to outlets like restaurants and grocery stores where further preparation for consumption may be necessary. Our Sanitarian has an ongoing inspection program to check restaurants, food sources, preparation methods and facilities to be certain our standards are met.


Those who work with prepared foods in places like restaurants and school cafeterias are required to attend an hour-long course on proper food handling offered by the Lincoln County Health Department. Call 304-824-3330 to sign up.


Here are two more things to consider:


• While church kitchen facilities are not required to be inspected, we recommend that one or more persons who handle food at churches attend the food handlers course at the health department.


• Restaurant inspection forms must be posted in plain sight at each food establishment for public viewing.


Click here to download our environmental services form.