Your Lincoln County Health Department is an essential part of an interlocking web of federal, state and local agencies on duty 24/7 in case of disasters, whether man-made or natural. Our own role in the network has won praise for innovation and distinctiveness, in large part, because our ability to alert and mobilize the county population in the face of misfortune is unprecedented. This uniqueness is rooted in our local culture that is infused with a great number of churches – 130 in all – situated in virtually every locality of our community.


As soon as an emergency is declared, a coordinator in each church, by design, rounds up, instantly, all previously enlisted church members and non-parishioners alike. Following a carefully constructed pattern, the individuals and entire families are directed to one of ten staging locations where they are classified for needs such as anti-biotics, inoculations, food and shelter.


If, for example, terrorists have spread anthrax or smallpox in the population, victims have only 48 hours to be vaccinated. Federal stores of serum to provide immunity to the pathogen will have been delivered rapidly to three PODS in the county where the vaccinations will be given. The PODS will be located in Alum Creek at the Midway Elementary School, Lincoln Primary Care in Hamlin and Harts Creek Clinic located in Harts Creek. Victims will have been transported to the PODS by school buses from the staging areas. Only with rare exceptions will citizens be permitted to travel directly to the PODS. They must use the school buses to be transported from the staging areas.


We welcome those who may wish, by volunteering, to participate in our Disaster Response Program. Please print and complete the attached Volunteer Application form. Mail to our office or drop by with the completed application.  To download PDF, click here.For more information on what to do in case of a disaster, call us at 304-824-3330 or go online to: www.ready.gov.