The Lincoln County Health Department is bringing it all together – helping people understand the importance of achieving and maintaining good health for themselves and their community by providing the means and methods of doing so.


Our mission is one of dedication and commitment to assessing, developing, promoting and providing good health through community partnerships for the well-being of everyone in the county.


• Innovate continuously and enable others to do the same


• Take intelligent risks and learn from what works


• Pursue what hasn’t been done


• Power innovation to help solve societal challenges

Deliver the future first

We’re connecting with people, everywhere they live and work, to convey the very latest solutions in health care including:


• An identification of specific health concerns confronting our community

• Myriad investigations of threats to our health

• A grasping of chronic and acute health problems afflicting us

• A dedication to provide expertise to those such as first responders who are responsible for facing and treating trauma and other health-related matters

• The establishment of county-wide programs to promote good health

• An enduring commitment to full compliance with all public health laws

• The pursuit of continuing health education plus the implementation of services to evaluate good health practices to make more robust the county’s first-rate health standing


• Understand what our customers want and deliver it


• Ensure we are as valuable to our customers as they are to us


• Enable employees to make good decisions for our customers


• Solve problems and make things easy


• Empower consumers to use health care items and technology safely and securely

Build strong customer relationships

• Care about each other – inside and outside of work


• Invest in our people and reward performance


• Value diversity in thought, background, and experience


• Encourage community service

Unleash our human capabilities

• Do the right thing


• Talk straight and follow through


• Safeguard customer and health department information


• Collaborate to ensure the best ideas rise to the top


• Honor decisions and keep commitments


• Operate as stewards of the environment

Operate with integrity and trust